Monday, November 24, 2008


Thank you all for your prayers!

We are now leaving on the correct day and don't have to pay the 250 pp charge.

I prayed all night and morning. I wanted to be calm and polite. Thank you God for changing my heart this morning.. from anxious and sobbing to calm and knowing that you are in complete control.
I am also thankful that everything was worked out before I called and when I did call.. had the right attitude.

I thank God for you all.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


okay I am trying to trust and believe that this is all going to work out.

The travel agent booked our TICKETS WRONG. She booked them for the wrong DAY. I called Continental and they said the travel agent has to fix it.. and oh by the way there is a change fee of 250 per person..
After I sobbed, begged and pleaded.. she said.. sorry byebye.

It is Sunday so i can't get intouch with our travel agent.. I left a message and emailed them.

Please pray this gets fixed and either no one pays the fee or the travel company picks that one up.
Oh Lord, help us.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

plane tickets

Thank you all for prayers for being able to use our free tickets with NW. We were unable to use them... sigh. But we trust God and believe that the money will come.

Our plane tickets were/are 5154$. We are short 5154. We have enough for everything else (all china fees and hotels ect.. )

Would you consider going to our fundraiser and Christmas shop? It is through our friend Wendy Staub. It is a pampered chef fundraiser and we are getting all the profits.

Thank you. and if you are unable , your prayers are worth waaaaaay more..


my niece "J"

This is my sweet little niece, "J". Sometimes when we pray, if we can just see the person's face.. it helps us make the person real.. please pray for her and family. thank you all so much. isn't she beautiful!

Friday, November 21, 2008

CA confirmed

I am very excited. Our CA was confirmed in less than 24 hours! Praise the Lord!!!!

We leave on the 3rd Dec. CA on the 16th, and arrive in the states (STL to pick up girls) on the 18th.. home on the 19/20th.

CAN WE SAY we are a littttttlllllleee excited and it feels like a whirlwind (as it always does).. and oh by the way.. TICKETS are BOOKED.

This weekend I will complete our trip preparations. Next week I will concentrate on Thanksgiving and my children.
Next weekend, on Sat I will be decorating the house for Christmas.. Sunday I will clean and finish packing and on Monday.. resting .. hahha

This is really happening... dreams do come true!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

As I rejoice my sisters heart is breaking.. what a mix of emotions today.

As we adopt our "sn" children, we look for needs (or have a calling) that "we" can work through, live with, adjust to, simply doesn't have any effect on us, or have a "heart" for. We have time to research and come to terms with the process.. find doctors, nurses and know how to plan financially.. we pray for our children and pray that their Sn is what God uses to reach others.
When a child is born with a Sn, the family really doesn't have that process.. We trust God and believe He will get us through. Yet in a way, we are robbed of the process. there is no right or wrong way, there is no better way, it just is. We are stretched in a way that is uncomfortable.
Please pray for my sister and family as they process the diagnosis they just received. Please pray for the emotions they will and go through.

please pray for wisdom and strength and healing on her family. please include my mom, the worrier of the family as well.. in addition to our whole family.

just thinking out loud...

oh happy day


what do you get???

TA BABY!!!!!!!!!

leaving on the 3rd. Does anyone know a travel agent?? or some deal maker?
tickets are at 1000 each and drew at 2K WHAAT??
miles if used are limited spacing...
so many decision in a 24 hour period.. we are sitting at 14 day if you count today!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Please pray for my niece. I would love to ask for completely healing for her 5 year body!

I just found out today that she has "bi-buspid (or bicuspid )aortic valve
through the left valve pumps into the heart then back into the left to be pumped out.. as her goes out.. it oxygenated and backs up the blood". they heard a large murmur and went in the same day to cardio.

those were my mom's words and I haven't been able to reach Joy, my sister.

Also, my almost 16 year old nephew will see the cardiologist. PLEASE pray for him as well.

My niece has not had an easy life medical wise. When she was 9 weeks old she had surgery on her kidneys. And again when she was 9 months old. For the longest time she had a drainage tube from her kidneys coming out in her tummy area. J and my Sophia are a month apart in age.

Please be in constant prayer for my sister's family.
thank you so much

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There is a goodie out there ...
go to :

She is giving away a CD (if you enter by tonight). It is an adoption fundraiser for a couple in her church. This give-away is free. Jeanette is purchasing the CD's - she is so great!

You can also purchase the CD if you wanna.


Eggnog cookies?

Does anyone have a yum-o recipe for Eggnog Cookies?? Please send it to me!


we applied for a Shaohannah's Hope grant. We received one with Sophia's adoption (she is the little 2 year old on SCC site for SH. in the white dress ).. isn't she so beautiful!
oh tangent.. sorry..
we applied.. have to have our pastor sign a statement.. you know the pastor that is on post and doesn't know me.. but i am forever talking to him! hehehhe I do adore his wife and we have shared tears!

we are now short our plane tickets (hopefully able to use our FF miles for me and bob)! We have most of the rest of what is left.. HUGE PRAISE b/c our fundraisers didn't go well. God is amazing isn't he!
For example. I had to send off our Visa applications today :O) and it cost 46 dollars. I forgot to check the mail today. When Bob arrived home, he asked and I then went to get the mail (our boxes are about 10 houses down from ours). A check for 41 dollars was in there! It came from our last gas bill in DE! We moved here (KS) in JUNE! :O))))) what a blessing.
Oh how I wish you knew everything that was going on right now... i have been asked to not tell at the moment.. but could you pray? We are thinking that we might get our TA this week (inside scoop- just kididng) and if that does happen, it looks as if we would leave in TWO WEEKS. I just can't say that without laughing out loud! I could potentially be holding Drew in TWO weeks. PTL.

Okay so that part I could say.. LOL

Then the other part is just frustration on parts of the process ... I can't wait to tell the whole story. It has nothing to do with the wait. AND the coolest part is that God is completely in charge ! whew.

thanks for lifting us and our little Drew up in your prayers and laying at His feet.

did I tell you ?? I received Drew's measurements! He weighs in at 23 pounds and is 34 inches! Such a little guy !
Sophia (5)and Daniel (4 1/2) are 42 and 43 1/2 respectively. Sophia is 35 pounds and daniel in at 37.. Daniel is 9 months younger :O)

The best part is Daniel was the same size and I have the correct season and sizes for him! YEA God!! SInce Daniel was older at adoption than Drew, Daniel was ity-bit eh. He is in 5slim's and I have to sench the waist so he has this squished up waist line!
okay, i got on a tangent.

The three families I mentioned early that are in China now , are coming home this week. :O) Keep them in your prayers.

Friday, November 14, 2008

WOW. I was nominated for the Honest Weblog Award! How humbling is that! VERY. If you haven't been over to Barbie's Blog, you must! She gave me the shout out. She is an amazing woman, mom and friend!
Here are the rules that you agree to when you accept this marvelous award:
“When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’.List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.”
Okay, here are my 7 nominees.. and if I didn't get you this time.. I will do my best if I get a shout out again.. I hope I don't hurt any feelings!
yea.. uummm.. can't remember how you just put the name and then it links so i just put the whole link :O))))
you will not be disappointed once you visit these sites! you might be when you come back to mine though! eheheheh
Ten honest things about me... hhmmmm
1. I did modeling work in New York (for a company in Japan) while in high school and college and won Seventeen magazine's face of the 80's but didn't go on to win the grand prize.
2. I smoked cigarettes (a pak a day) since I was 13ish and continued until I was 23. ugly habit and smelly!
3. I love to cook and bake... love love love it
4. I am a laundry snob. I have to have my clothes coming out of the dryer smelling really good and they have to stay that way for at least a week (like my towels and sheets).
5. When I lost all my weight (at one point down to 116 pounds) , I think I was a little anorexia. I prided my self in fitting into children's clothes.. umm my children. I took it too far (see #1) until my husband told me I looked sick and to gain weight!
6. i am addicted to movies and popcorn
7. I want a new car every 2 years.. and for the last many years have been able to get them at ZERO percent financing.. which doesn't help me crave that yearning..
8. I know I will live in China one day.
9. my husband just agreed (this week) to allow me to travel to China every other year to do mission work- YEA GOD!
10. I love reality tv... rachel ray (okay i am counting cooking shows!), survivor, american idol, dancing with the stars, amazing race, ect.. you get the idea.. heheheh
Now its time to go over to barbie, and the others to see their lists! :O)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy days

Please continue to pray for THREE of our friends that are in CHINA right now!!

Kathy and Andy adopting their daughter KamiRae, 6 (Kathy is at home with children please keep all of them in prayers)

Steve and Laura adopting their daughter Lily, 5 (kids at home with grandparents)

Beth and Steve adopting their daughter Jillian, 10 mos (kids at home with grandparents)


and even more so is that we received SEVEN photos today! (thank you Kathy and Leah)

okay so it gets better!!
received an email (thank you Andy and Kathy) today stating:
Jill, Andy said Drew is a really sweet little boy who smiles alot. He said he looks extremely happy and healthy.

Can one contain being this stinking happy???? THANK you God!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Can you help a cause? I have a chip in account (over on the side to the left) but more importantly, you can go to this site and help automatically.
Philip Hayden Foundation is very dear to my heart. They do amazing things through God there. I am asking you to prayerfully consider helping them, turn on their heat for the children, and some other fundraisers they have going on. I have cut and pasted from Leah's blog (she is at PHF) and you can go to their website.

Perhaps you can't give finacially this time but will you commit them to your prayer life?

The Specifics? As of today, we have three deadlines, two that were just given to us in the last two weeks:
1. Outreach & Education Centers/Medical: This summer, we received the final donation needed for this Nov 15 deadline. We were amazed that the money had come in so early, but soon discovered why: More than eight children arrived and/or were hospitalized this summer, which necessitated our borrowing some of the funds. Six-month-old Joelle spent seven weeks in the NICU, and after four weeks her care had required payment of 100,000RMB (US$15,151). One-year-old Ginger arrived and needed immediate care in the hospital to determine how we could help correct her heart. Thirty-month-old Kennedy also required surgery in Shanghai, as well as extensive follow-up. Praise God the finances were available to act quickly and change these small lives, but now we need to re-imburse the funds.
2. Four-Story Vocational Center: In May, we were told we had to finish building this US$1 million dollar facility by June 2009. A few weeks later, govt officials changed their mind and said we had to just start it by June 2009. We were thrilled to have a whole year to raise the start-up money, until three weeks ago, when the same govt officials informed us that we need to have US$350,000 earnest money in the bank by Nov 15. We were a bit stunned, but began praying for those funds to come our way.
3. Heating: Last year, all was cosy and warm in our children’s village through the winter because of the many who gave so generously. The cost to heat SFCV then was 19RMB/sqm. On Friday, our head of construction and maintenance informed Tim that the price has jumped to 34RMB/sqm, and with our new buildings, we have nearly double the space we had last year to heat. Many of you are familiar with the heating situation here: the govt turns on the heat in the entire north part of the country on November 15. If you’ve paid, you get heat. If you haven’t, you wait until you can pay. Our heating costs have jumped from last year’s 50,000RMB (US$6,670) bill to 170,000RMB (US$25,757).
We ask that you join us in praying for the many financial needs! In addition to the above funds, we still need child sponsors to provide day-to-day care for our 90+ children at the village. We rely 100% on donations to operate, so there is little we can do but pray. Please join us in covering this need with prayer–praising God that He already has a solution to what seems an insurmountable task of fundraising

Sophia's masterpiece w. a little help from momma...

happy gotcha day sophia and china chicks (from our 04 hunan travel group) we love ya!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gotcha continued...

How do you tell someone that you love them so much and that they have provided you with so much ? How do you show a person that you are a better person because of them?
Sophia, you are our second child. You came to us, as a blessing and a Hope, when our lives were sad. We were young in our faith. We were a couple who thought that we would never have children, yet God gave us Sarah Grace and You. We prayed without ceasing for you. We longed to see you, feel you and hear you. We desired to be parents again and God gave us you. We were so happy.
On Sept 9, we saw your little sweet face for the first time. There was never a question of whether we could love you the same as Sarah. We knew in our hearts that we could. We already loved the idea of another child, a sibling. We already knew you in our hearts. God set the passion for China in our hearts. He placed a unquenchable desire to help the orphans. He put passion for you in us. So as the saying goes, you grew not in my belly - under my heart ~ but in it~ in the very depths of my heart.
As Sept 9th came, at 7:34 in the morning, we received a call from our social worker, Cindy. She said, and I remember as if it was this morning, Hi Jill. how are you this morning. I said, much better than yesterday! how are you. Then Cindy said, GREAT - you have a DAUGHTER!. It was then, I collapsed to the floor. I cried out to Jesus and offered praise. I cried, I shouted I jumped up and down. i don't remember a lot of what she said, but I do remember saying, we will be there soon. (a 45 minute trip plus I had to get Bob home - a 20 minute drive.. oh it was killing me not to see your face).
I called Bob then Christy then family. I was still in PJ's and Christy was on her way over. Christy and I have been close friends since our time in North Dakota. I met her at our neighborhood bible study and our firstborns were babies under a year. I have the best video from Christy. She walked in my home and I was in the kitchen, unbeknowst to me she was filming. I came RUNNING and JUMPING around the corner to her holding a video cam! Too funny but totally shows my personality. Then Sarah woke up and we told her on live camera that she indeed had a baby sister and she was turning ONE the very next day! Sarah said, really momma, my prayers came true. really momma i have a baby sister!
Then I called Miranda- she had gotten her referral earlier in the week and we were praying for mine. It was wonderful that God brought us together. I also called my friend Karen, whom i met only a few short months prior and who had helped me through the waiting!
Sophia, On November 8th 2004 we met you for the first time, we held you for the first time and at that moment we became your parents - officially. God had us as your parents from the beginning of time. That moment stood still and it felt like everyone around us was a blur but we could see clearly you. My heart stopped. My heart fell completely and we were so in-love with you. It was so magical. It was complete as it should be.
You, however, were not happy! You had a cold, ear infection and were hungry. You cried for maybe 20 minutes. uumm no screamed for 10 and whimpered for 10. It was so sad. It was so heartbreaking for us b/c we knew you were confused, tired and hungry. I pulled out a bottle and you drank. Then fell asleep in my arms. From that moment on, you melted into me. You clung for life. We called you the Velcro baby, which you still hold the title.
It was a blessing and a trying time. As five days later, i went into the hospital overnight. Daddy had to fend for himself.. however he didn't. Our group of 16 families came along side of him and they were the hands and feet of Jesus. They grabbed our luggage, helped him to the room and ate with him and you. My time in the hospital (puking my guts out and getting ever test imaginable to man) getting shots, and Iv's fluids. Yummy. And our guide, Joy was there every step of the way. She and Shyian are blessing to our family.
After that I was unable to carry all 16 pounds of you. I had to hold you when I sat. I didn't have the strenght to bath you. But you and daddy had excellent bonding time, that- in hindsight I might not have given him... had i not been sick. Later we found out that I am allergic to a medicine (z-pac) that I started taking!
Sophia, during the last 4 years, God has taught me about endurance, loving a special needs child, and laughter. You bring me laughter. Just as Sarah says in Genesis. just as God brought her laughter through her child, you do also to us.
In the past 4 years, you have taught me how to parent, to love, to let go and to accept. We have been in therapy together every week 6-9 hours a week for years. You have taught me to accept my children for who they are - b/c God does NOT make mistakes. We are all beautiful. You have taught me how to be a mommy in the good times and bad. You are so beautiful. Inside and out. You are my fighter, my survivor. You are the funniest person I know. You have passion. You have been a Shelton for FOUR YEARS! You will never be an orphan again. You are loved. You are my daughter. You are precious in His sight. You have overcome so much in such a short time, braces on your feet, hypoglycemic (still has), sensory integration (mild), low muscle tone in your mouth, seizures, not knowing how to cry b/c you had locked those emotions away for a very long time, being a tough girl to just being a girl. Sophia you are so strong and sassy.
You have come from weighing 16 pounds at 14 months to weighing in at 36 pounds at 5 yrs!
You have gone to wearing a size 3 shoe at 14 mos to wearing a size 9!
You have gone from not being able to sit up, crawl, walk, bear weight on your legs to RUNNING, JUMPING, forever walking backwards, and spinning!
You have gone from not looking into my eyes to letting go and loving me with your whole heart!
You have gone from not being able to chew any food to eating everything all the time - all day long!
You have gone from one loving arms, your Ayi's in ChangDe, China to mine ~ forever.
We love you so much. You have enriched our lives in a way that we will never be able to repay. You are a child of God and ours. You have the whole world right in front of you and you will be able to do anything you set you heart to. You are our daughter. You are our love. You are the beat of my heart. You are sweet, sassy, spirited, survivor, spicy, silly, SOPHIA.
Ice cream-loving-but-can-only-have-soy-girl
love mommy and daddy
And to all our travel mates, Happy Gotcha Day. You are our family, our friends and it has been amazing knowing you. You enrich our lives. We love you and cannot wait until the summer to see you again.
love bob, jill , sarahgrace, sophia, daniel and soon drew.
To our families, thank you for embracing our children. All our children. Just as if they were born from my belly, you love them the same. thank you beyond our hearts!
we are so blessed!

Gotcha Sophia, 4 years ago today

Thursday, November 6, 2008


oohhh aaahhh delicate shoes... :O)

a photo from our Beijing Silk market trip..
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I have two friends in China RIGHT now and on MONDAY they meet their daughters for the first time.
Please pray for Steve and Beth G. as they adopt their sweet Jillian [coolest name ever :O) and Steve and Laura W as they adopt sweet Lily.

Both their sites are passworded.. sorry..

We traveled with Beth and Steve to adopt our daughters in Nov 04~
We met Laura and Steve here just a few short weeks ago!

Thank you God for bringing families together. Thank you for keeping your orphans, your children, safe until you graciously allow us to parent them. Thank you God!

aaahhh look

this is a photo from our trip to China [to adopt Daniel]... in just two days, 16 families will celebrate FOUR years with their precious daughters. We didn't know each other, yet in 14 days we became family. In 14 days, we became each others support system and have travel numerous times to see each other. Each year a large amount of us [9 to 12] families travel to have our "china chicks" reunion... what a BLESSING both our daughters and our families are too each other. I can't not wait until Saturday... we love you Sophia.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

prayer for friend

Can you pray for two weeks for our new friends. They leave for China TOMORROW. This is their third child (first adopted). They are adopting Lily who is five years old.
I have been so blessed by knowing this family for such a short time. We are both here in town and our husbands are both here in school with the Army.
Her name is Laura and her husband is Steve.
pray for bonding, sweet fellowship with their travel mates and daughter, for their two boys that are staying with grandparents, travel mercies and health for all.. and everything else God puts on your heart.
They are so awesome!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah is in the third lane from your right. YEA Sarah = you go girl!
I do need to learn to continue to focus on her b/c i left the camera on the lanes but you couldnt see her finish- hehehehe

have you been to a swim meet crash room???

OHMYGOODNESS ! It is absolute craziness! We have been to two now and I am still CONFUSED! :O)

Sarah is doing great. She knocked 6 seconds off her free-stlye! WOW. YEA sarah grace!!

photos of our LOA

Here we are signing and posing for a photo op...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank you !!!

I found the SD card!! YEA - thank you for your prayers !!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


can you please help me in asking th Lord to reveal where on earth i placed the SD card to Sarahs camera! I started using hers when my camera broke.. it has photos of our LOA, last swim meet and various other things.
I am such a scatter brain these days.. okay always.. :O)