Friday, December 26, 2008

Kansas Severe Weather Alerts, Watches, Warnings -

Kansas Severe Weather Alerts, Watches, Warnings -

tornado watch..

are you kidding me? Daniel asked if we would have storms tonight.. i said maybe. then sarah asked if we are going to sleep in the basement tonight.. i said. no honey - no tornados this time of year.. AGH> the weather channel has "tornado watch until 5 am" ! agh AGH AGH seriously? I say to bob, lets have a game plan.. you grab sophia and daniel under both arms and get them down. i will grab the baby while yelling for sarah and then go to get them down.. he laughed at me. :O0

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry CHRISTmas, happy HOLY day

I love this time of year.. this year has been extra special in our family as God blessed us with one more miracle. Drew came home.
I love the Christmas music.. b/c through out the year, as we or I listen to the music it is mostly about me.. how it makes me feel. how i praise God with the music b/c of my feelings.. of course it is about him but it is mostly about how he comforts me, how he loves me and how he makes it all better... but at Christmas time.. it is ALL about Him - praising him, loving him, in awe of him. His birth, him as a child, and the special night - tonight.
I hope that in the coming year i can do a better job at praising him b/c of him and not about me at all..
I pray you all have the best Christmas !

I got the best news EVER, okay I have had the best news ever a couple times this year but this is REALLY GOOD.. our friends, whom I have asked for prayer for.. got word TODAY that they will leave on JAN 9 for their daughter in Vietnam!!!! This sweet little girl is three and has the BEST family waiting for her!! PRAISE THE LORD for this wonderful news!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Sarah Grace asked if we could go to the beach and make our circle photo complete. :O) too cute.. so I told her we didn't have to go to the beach (even though our temps reached a whopping high of "O" today).. so here is my little circle... that is very BIG. I love being a mom!
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and then..

the look.. yes, THE look.. momy why oh why did you take me out.. who cares that my lips are purple! I love it in there, please put me back in...
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splish splash i was taking a bath

Drew has so much fun in the bath!
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oh Christmas time oh Christmas time...

Have you ever tried to take a Christmas photo with more than one child? how about with one of those sweet children being a perfectionist? and then melting down b/c the sweet little baby won't sit still and the other sweet girl is making funny sounds under her breathe and the sweet little boy is smiling too hard and making the grouchy parents laugh? we will try again tomorrow..
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our circle is VERY complete.

I am so happy, overjoyed, excited, exhausted, humbled, and thrilled to tell you that we are home and all together. The photo of the kids in the car was our drive home on Friday from STl after picking up the girls. I turned around and sucked the air out of the van! It was a beautiful site. Seeing all the seats used up.. once a upon a time there was a girl.. who wanted to be a mommy.. but it took a very long time and some wonderful yet hard lessons from her Father in Heaven.. then she turned around one day and smiled.. there were FOUR beautiful faces smiling back..

I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a bit. Bob started posting on FB and he posted something like 400 photos! and video ! So I laughed and just played with the boys instead of posting here or on the journey site. :O0

Today I walked into my living room and I saw bliss. I saw a picture of God's love and His plan fulfilled. it was undescriblable. But I did grab the camera and try to capture what MY bliss looks like. (the photo with everyone in the floor)

I hope you enjoy the photos. The one of Drew asleep on Bob is just awesome. I have one with all the children at that age sleeping on him.. THANKYOU GOD FOR MY FAMILY.

Next post will be of our journey on our journey to me site. It is how Drew came into our family. all the details of how God planned it from the start and changed our hearts to adopt once more.

Please pray for our family as we get over jetlag and mesh. I don't know why but I never really suffer from jet lag after the first day. But the rest of the family.. hehehe it is rough for them. maybe it is b/c i have to take care of babies everywhere! woohoo.

Friday, December 12, 2008

MANDY and other sponsors of Drew

I was beyond thrilled to hear from one of Drew's other sponsors today! We hope to get in touch with all of them and provide periodic updates on our sweet little boy. We really feel this is also important for Drew.

So we would like to have you contact us (Mandy - hint hint) at and we can exchange our address'.

Hopefully this will be okay. :O)

Praising G.od for Drew and those who have prayed for him for so long. God bless you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


This little child in the blue vest and red pants has a story and he has a name. He was brought back to life with love. He was beat, tortured and more. He tasted death and evil and survived. He has gone through more in his little life than most see in a movie or read in a book or worse experieince themselves. He is Go.d's child and he was saved. I would love to ask you to pray for him, daily, hourly. May God earse his mind of the evil he has seen, felt, heard, and experienced. May Go.d heal him, emotionally, physically and use him to peirce the hearts of others for G.od. may this child live to tell others of the love of jiaozuo swi and how they saved him. Go.d bless those who have touched his life in positive ways and given him a second chance. Jehovah Jehovah we cry out to you.

more precious little ones

more of Jz

For our JZ group

These next few photos are for the mommies and daddies (and siblings) waiting on their children. They have all mostly (i am sure some little ones in here are still waiting to be adopted! hint hint) been matched and their families are waiting to travel.. I know how priceless this was for me so I hope you know that I send this with love.

Monday, December 8, 2008

do you love him?

I was asked by the Civil Affairs Offiical " do you love him? I felt like saying " well duh" but the only thing that came out was yes yes i love him very much.. and in my head.. ""as if !""

the wonder of it all ..

SWI today

today we are going to Jiaozou SWI. We will pay our donation and other notarized fees in addition to visiting the Orphanage.
Our guide said we will be allowed to go to Drew's finding place today. This is always a hard thing for me emotionally. But very necessary for our children if given the chance. We have been given that opporutniy twice, with our sons. Unfortunatley, we were unable for Sophia.
We pray that the love of Jesus comes over Anmin's birthparents and that they are told of the Gospel. We pray that we see all our children's parents once again, in heaven.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Romans 15:13

May the G.od of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope bythe power of the Holy Spirit

trying a little video..

I have to thank KAREN for letting us use her flip video thngy.. I LOVE IT. it is so easy and just uploads asap to your computer! so here is a little clip.. you can see more on our site under "myheartinchina'

Loveyou guys! thanks for your continued prayers for our family.

photos of children at PHF