Tuesday, July 14, 2009

been a long time...

my first post back is to Daniel.
Happy Birthday Daniel. Your birthday was a couple weeks ago and you turned FIVE! I wished you a huge happy day on Facebook.. and wrote in my special journal.. but have been absent from here...
This is my thoughts when we wished you a beautiful day.....June 29th: Daniel, you are so precious and sweet. You have a tender heart that God has slowly healed and it has been a testimony to many lives how present He is. You love Jesus and are constantly seeking Him. It amazes us that you go go go go go ... and eat eat eat eat... then go go go go go ... but you love love love love deeply. And I am grateful.
Daniel, you have pierced my soul. You have reached down and broken the barriers that we both built and have wrapped your heart around mine. I love being your mommy. I love waking up and knowing that within moments, you will stumble in and stretch then smile .. then hug me. i love your silly grin - especially when you are up to something. i love the way you snuggle up when we are reading books. i love the way you pray to Jesus. I love the way you protect your sisters. I love the way you teach your brother how to build with toys. I love your smelly feet. Daniel my list of "i love.." can go on for days.. Son, I love you so much,my heart burst with love for you. I am beyond grateful God decided to allow you to be our son and I am so humbled He said yes,,, they would make a perfect match- make him a shelton! :O)
happy happy happy happy 5th birthday dear sweet son.