Monday, April 20, 2009

knee surgery

did I mention that I had knee surgery last week? On Thursday I went in for a scope. I had an old injury (Mencius tear) that started really bothering me again. It has come and go over the years.. so I thought this may be the perfect time to get a quick fix. Hasn't America become the billboard for quick fixes! The doctor, here on post at Ft Leavenworth does many surgeries per week.. a couple times per week.. He "fixes" a lot of the men and women that come home from war and need ortho care. So Bob and prayed about this doctor and whether or not to have this procedure. We both felt peace and went forward with it. Fortunately, Bob's folks could come out to help where needed - aka: cooking, caring for 4 and then caring for the grownups (me and bob). My MIL had spring break and it was the middle of the month for my FIL (you know accountants can't be gone at end of month!!). Perfect timing. We are moving the first week in June (plenty of time for recovery) again, perfect timing.
My scope went great. In and out, with no problems. On vicadin (sp?)for 24 hours then stopped meds during the day. no problem. walking on leg/knee with no crutches on Saturday. no problem. completely last dose of any meds, Saturday night. awesome.
Suergury//scope went great. thanks to all of you praying (from getting info off faceb*ok)
I am downloading 943 photos from our camera.. so I am sure I will have lots to blog about soon.

Pray for Sarah who will be getting her tonsils out on Thursday.
Pray for our new home in IL, that all the inspections go smoothly/pass and closing goes smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, just read this ... Hope you are feeling better from your surgery! Hope that Sarah's tonsilectomy went well ... has it been done yet? Prayers for you both and FOR YOUR MOVE??? Are you moving to IL? IF so, ... WOO HOO ... you're getting closer!!!
Love you .. :) ~ Molly and Brynn's mama